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Kringletron 9000 Coming This Christmas

Rally Marketing has a new VIP client this holiday season- none other than Old Man Christmas himself. That’s right, Santa Claus has asked Rally’s creative thinkers to bring his magic into the 21st century—getting him out of the workshop and into your smartphone. He’s...

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How to Create Facebook 3D Photos

On October 11, Facebook rolled out an exciting new post type called Facebook 3D photos. These photos create a dynamic viewing experience for users, allowing them to peak around from the top, bottom and side-to-side. The feature is very similar to the failed Amazon...

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Hey Clients – Wake Up

Is she talking to me? I think she is talking to me.   Do you respond in a timely manner when my team emails you? If we need approval on something, do you make us follow up 5 times? Have you approved your ad budget but keep forgetting to give us...

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In Defense of Vertical Videos

What I'm going to say in this blog could be considered blasphemy. I expect an angry mob to form outside this office window any moment now but I must speak the truth. There's nothing wrong with vertically-filmed videos. There I said it. Did you have a visceral...

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