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In Defense of Vertical Videos

What I'm going to say in this blog could be considered blasphemy. I expect an angry mob to form outside this office window any moment now but I must speak the truth. There's nothing wrong with vertically-filmed videos. There I said it. Did you have a visceral...

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The B Word

The word everyone hates but what every site should have – Blog Before you start explaining why you don't need blogs and how you don't have time to sit down and write content, let me stop you. We get it - we really do, but we’re encouraging you to read this. How to...

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How To Create A Killer Content Style Guide

It's impossible to be successful in modern marketing if content is not at the core of your strategy. Business owners hear this all the time, leading most to jump headlong into content marketing without a clear plan of action. Your content efforts must start with the...

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Social Media Tracking Tips and Tricks

Most small business owners know the importance of social media in modern marketing but struggle with social media tracking to prove the value. Calculating return on investment (ROI) is easy for ecommerce-driven businesses. It’s a completely different ballgame for...

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