Would you purchase a brand new car without a warranty? I hope not. And you also shouldn’t create a shiny, new marketing plan without a paid advertising budget. Marketing isn’t a magic bullet, and with organic reach dying on most platforms, it’s hard to be seen. You gotta’ pay to play. If you haven’t started embracing paid advertising across social network platforms and Google, then the time is now.

Bye, Bye Organic Reach.

Remember Facebook and Instagram in 2014? It was incredibly easy to reach and grow your audience through hashtag hacks and high-quality content. Organic tactics that increase your growth on social platforms still stand, but they won’t drive website traffic and sales. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would be prioritizing content from family and friends—not businesses and brands. The new reality of Facebook and other platforms is paid advertising has a high return on investment. You just gotta’ embrace it.

There are Endless Options.

You’ll never worry about ad fatigue. Ad fatigue happens when your audience becomes too familiar with your ads and just stops paying attention. Facebook has rolled out Dynamic Product ads, Instant Experience and Carousel ads, so your audience will never grow tired of your ads. You can also create multiple responsive and dynamic ads on Google Ads. Not to mention there are optimization tools like frequency capping and audience placements that allow you to control how many times someone sees your ad and where it’s placed.

Paid Advertising is Not As Expensive As You Think.

Stop being cheap. Nothing is worse than a client who wants to spend thousands on a traditional billboard but is skeptical about putting $300 a month to Facebook ads. The truth is, it costs significantly less to reach a thousand people on Facebook or Paid Search than any other channel. We know that organic reach is practically gone. And if you want to create results that align with your business goals, Facebook and Paid Search is the way to go. It’s trackable and measurable and you can SEE where your money went. Because honestly, how many people are going to convert or call your business after seeing your billboard a couple times? And even if they did, how much is your cost per acquisition? Pretty damn high compared to a paid advertising platform for sure. If you’re a little tight on your budget or just want to dip your feet in the water, you can set a low-cost daily budget; it’s an easy way to ensure you don’t overspend.

You’re Audience Is Right There.

According to Statista, Facebook had over 2.3 billion active users this past quarter. If I did the math right, that’s 30% of the world’s population! With detailed targeting, geotargeting, custom intent audiences and custom audience building tools at your fingertips, there are endless ways to reach and expand your target audience. With a variety of options and layers of demographics, behaviors and interests, you can make sure the right people are seeing your ad. The targeting capabilities and options are endless.

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