Rally Team

Marketing Automation

Your website is one of – if not the most – powerful salespersons in your company. More than just your company’s digital presence, your website has the ability to track, grade and convert leads into loyal customers – but you have to make it work for you.

Have you ever been on a website and see a “click here for a free e-book” or “click here to download a copy of our new planner?” Usually, when you click those links, you are taken to a sign-up page where you enter your email and then receive a download link. What about when you sign up for a new service and you receive a series of welcome emails? What you may not realize is that you are entering into an automated marketing workflow.

Essentially, you are telling the company what you are most interested in and you are helping that company identify where you are in their sales funnel process. This helps them to segment you into their funnel and prioritize how they should communicate with you in order to convert you into a customer more effectively.

How Does it Work?

At Rally Marketing, we are skilled at developing sales funnels with marketing automation plans designed to be lead generation powerhouses – delivering you qualified leads that are ready to close. We want to take the burden of lead nurturing off your sales staff and get your phone ringing.