It’s no question that a digital marketing plan takes a great deal of time and resources. Unfortunately, many marketers fail to see their plans rise up to what they were expecting.

If your online marketing strategy isn’t gaining the traction you were hoping for, this is for you. Read on to learn about what mistakes you should be avoiding.

Mobile Optimization

Nearly 60% of searches are done through our cell phones. That means your website absolutely has to be optimized for mobile.

It’s quite obvious when websites aren’t mobile friendly. Pages that are too difficult to navigate through will cost you business.

We’ve all stumbled onto a website that looks the exact same on mobile as it does on your desktop, causing you to have to physically zoom in to read the content. Nothing has me hitting the back button faster.

Also, a website that isn’t mobile optimized affects the formatting of the page. You’ll see long bodies of text and images being construed poorly, leading to high bounce rates and incredibly low conversions.

Clearly Defined Goals

Most companies can agree on one thing when it comes to judging the success of a marketing campaign: increased sales. However, that’s far too broad a statement.

You need to think in terms of quantifiable measurement. All of your actions need to be tracked and analyzed frequently. This will help you identify what is and isn’t working.

Creating a defined goal or goal set will guide your strategy. Sure, you want to boost sales but how are you going to get there? What initiatives are needed for you to actually boost sales?

Whether it’s through blogging, social media or another mechanism, identify it. Then make sure you’re working towards fulfilling that goal.

For example, say you want to increase sales through traffic on your website. One of your goals should be to create unique, informative website content. Then, monitor the success of each piece of content through an analytical tool.

Failing to Create Content

It doesn’t matter your industry – your website needs creative content to thrive. Whether it’s text, multimedia or interactive, your team needs to be continually posting new content.

What’s the importance of shareable content? New content drives significantly more traffic to your page and it’s engaged traffic.

When you’re posting new content, your website is picked up by search engines. This means your page will rank much higher in search results. According to Forbes, companies that blog 20 times a month receive the maximum return.

Refusing to Automate

Not consolidating your efforts is a big no-no when creating a digital strategy.

A digital marketing plan requires a series of efforts. These efforts need to work together and complement one another to be successful.

Marketing automation services allow you to run ads, make pitches and collect sales effortlessly. They essentially do the work for you.

It’s difficult to manage your efforts when they aren’t streamlined into one singular channel. You can always learn about some of the best beginner strategies.

Looking to Improve Your Digital Marketing Plan?

You’re at the right place.

At Rally Marketing, we’re confident we have what it takes to drive success in your online strategies. Contact us to learn about our digital marketing services!

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