Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The 5 Most Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics to Track

Capture. Convince. Convert. Has your company mastered the three C’s of digital marketing? So your latest marketing campaign had excellent results. Don’t start a round robin of high-fives in the conference room quite yet. Small businesses need to delve into... read more

5 Reasons Facebook Dominates Social Advertising

There’s no arguing that social media has fundamentally altered the landscape of advertising. Now, you have to go where your customers are. And there’s a good chance that most of your customers are on Facebook. Yes, Facebook is for more than just sharing... read more

AdWords Launches Overdelivery, Hopes You Like It

Do you remember where you were on October 4, 2017, when Google quietly whispered to the world that they will now spend twice your daily AdWords budget if search volume allows? If you were (as Google suspects) managing your AdWords daily budgets to ensure your MCC full... read more

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