Do you remember where you were on October 4, 2017, when Google quietly whispered to the world that they will now spend twice your daily AdWords budget if search volume allows? If you were (as Google suspects) managing your AdWords daily budgets to ensure your MCC full of campaigns are on track to deliver their monthly spend, congrats?

Google just walked into your office like Robert California and decided you don’t need to do that anymore. But, can you trust Robert California with your precious ad dollars?

Last known photo of Robert California.

The Office makes us think not, but let’s hear him out.

Robert Google has seen their fair share of campaigns not delivered in full. Meaning, the amount of money the client wanted to spend on AdWords was not spent entirely. This can leave clients unsatisfied but more importantly for Google, it leaves money on the table. There are endless reasons why campaigns underdeliver—hyperlocal geotargeting, obscure or unpopular products/services OR the restrictions imposed by the mandatory daily budget.

Money – limitations = money.

Paid search inventory is dependent on the targeted users searching the keywords in your campaign. Some days, people just aren’t in the mood to google “best dishwashing detergent.” (Usually, those days are Saturday and Sunday.) But on the days they are, Google wants your dishwashing detergent ad available, even if the daily budget wouldn’t usually allow it. Essentially, they are giving consumers what they want when they want it. Any surges in search volume will be offset by the days people just don’t want to wash dishes. Google promises that although they may spend 100% more than the set daily budget, they will never spend more than the monthly budget (daily budget x 30.4).

Google has always had control of daily budgets to some extent. Previously, it was just 20%. But there was nothing to make up for the days that didn’t have search volume. Overdelivery is essentially supply vs. demand. If the demand is there, the ad will be supplied. The monthly spend equation is a safeguard against overspending.

If the overdelivery update makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Robert California makes a lot of people uncomfortable. However, it was created to help specialists spend less time monitoring ad spend and more time optimizing campaigns. We will be monitoring our campaigns extra closely in the coming weeks to see what exactly overdelivery over delivers. If you have any questions about this update, AdWords campaigns or later-season Office characters, contact us for a consultation with one of our paid search specialists.

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