You’ve started wondering if your content marketing writer is somebody’s nephew who “knows SEO.”

Your website doesn’t appear anywhere in the first three pages of search results. This is true even when your search term is your company name – in quotation marks!

We feel your pain. And we’re here to help.

There’s a lot more to quality content marketing than just “knowing SEO.” It’s knowing keyword research and placement. It’s knowing link building. It’s knowing when and where to write.

It’s also knowing your customer. It’s knowing why people are searching. It’s knowing how long your articles should be.

There is a lot to know. And we’d like to share three things that will improve your company’s search ranking.

We’ll also help you find a content marketing writer that can help move your website towards that coveted first-page listing on search results.

Read on to learn more!

3 Ways a Content Marketing Writer Can Help Your Business

1. Create a Profile of Your Ideal Customer

This is sometimes called a “customer persona” or “customer avatar.” It’s a description of who you’re selling to and what problems they have that your business can solve.

This can be fairly simple or very detailed. It can include things like age, marital/family status, career type, and income.

The most important element is your customer’s pain point. This is the problem that your product or service addresses.

2. Understand User Intent

It also helps if you understand “user intent.”

This is a fancy way of saying why someone is searching online. User intent can be defined as the goal of the user typing the search query.

It typically falls into one of three categories:

  • Do something
  • Know something
  • Go somewhere

In some cases, there may be more than one intent per query. Figuring this out can help you write content that people will notice.

If they want information (know something) and you wrote a how-to (do something), they will go on to the next search result.

Ideally, you should produce a variety of content so people will find you no matter why they’re searching.

3. Know How Much to Write

Did you know the length of an article can affect its search ranking?

It’s true! Longer articles frequently rank higher than shorter ones. That’s because longer articles can include more keywords, which improves search ranking.

More content also means more opportunities for people to link to your article. This also improves search ranking.

How to Find a Content Marketing Writer

Of course, it doesn’t matter what tricks and techniques you know if you aren’t producing quality content. (Just read some of what “the nephew” wrote last week.)

So where can you find an expert content marketing writer?

Our content marketing staff includes some of the most highly-skilled folks you can find. Whether it’s blog articles, social media posts, or website content, we’ve got it all.

And we want to help you have it all!

Contact us today to discuss your business needs, as well as any questions or concerns you may have.

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